Hosted Telephone Systems

Business phone & voice services delivered from the cloud anywhere & everywhere

A hosted VoIP (Voice Over IP) phone system replaces expensive phone systems, installation, handsets, BT lines and numbers with a simple, cost-efficient alternative. Blink Technology Solutions’ provides a powerful phone system, hosted in the cloud, which is available to use on a monthly subscription basis. Each user can use a softphone, mobile phone or handset which just needs access to the internet to allow you to access features such as voice-mail, forwarding, IVR and more, all from your control panel.

VoIP is a means of carrying telephony signals – in other words, carrying phone calls and services – across digital internet networks. In terms of basic usage and functionality, VoIP is not too different to traditional telephony, and a VoIP-enabled telephone works exactly like a ‘normal’ one. However, VoIP has a number of other advantages, such as cost, ease and future proofing.

The adoption of VoIP technology has typically been driven by the lower costs of IP telephony over traditional methods – a powerful incentive for most businesses. However, hosted VoIP from Blink Technology Solutions not only brings you lower costs, but gives you a whole host of other benefits as well. It is the perfect complement to our other cloud services, giving you comprehensive access to an affordable, mobile, scalable, state-of-the-art business infrastructure on demand.

1. Straightforward Benefits

​VoIP’s low call tariffs have in themselves been enough to make most new and many existing businesses switch from a traditional telecommunications infrastructure, but what other reasons might a business have for switching to hosted VoIP…?

a. Easy and inexpensive

​Allows you to get up and running without requiring expertise or capital expenditure – instead you pay only fixed, transparent monthly rates.

b. Advanced

​Take advantage of VoIP’s advanced functionality to ensure that you never miss a call. You can setup call forwarding, hunt groups, voice menus and more!

c. Scalable

​Choose a pay as you grow model that suits your needs, and that can grow seamlessly in harmony with your business.

d. Location-independent

​Allow employees to be integrated into the company’s phone system from anywhere that has broadband or 3G access – from home, office or abroad.

e. Supported

​Free yourself from the headache of having to support a physical communications infrastructure; its now software based and managed in the cloud.