Application Management

Only the Best

Blink Technology Solutions supports the ongoing operation of your applications, managed remotely or delivered from our highly secure and resilient data centers. We support and manage web applications, messaging & collaboration systems, and back office applications.

1. Web Applications

Blink Technology Solutions’ Web Applications Management Service certifies that your public facing applications are Always Switched On and secure 24×7. We present our clients with experienced and professional support and engineering staff, who work tirelessly to understand our client’s detailed requirements.

2. Messaging

Blink Technology Solutions’ Managed Services for Microsoft Exchange delivers a robust structured approach to the general up keep and security of a company’s critical email platform. Our dedicated Solution Account Manager and Technical Solution Engineer will ensure the smooth and continual operation of services for your business.

3. Back Office Applications

By using our expertise in the management of applications, Blink Technology Solutions works with its clients to fully understand how they use their internal applications, and how it runs their business. Using our tested Discover, Measure, Validate, Optimize and Deliver process, our teams will be able to quickly and cost affectively find the right solution to support our clients’ needs, in the early stages and as their business grows.