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Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup Services in Washington and Virginia.

Cloud Backup

Backing up and securing data is critical to a company’s business continuity, disaster recovery and legal compliance but some organizations are still solely relying on dated tape and on-premise solutions: solutions that fall very short of the level of protection offered by cloud backup

Blink Technology Solutions’ Cloud Backup service offers core advantages, automated services expertise and an industry-leading network to provide the highest level of resilience and security, flexibility, and ease of use. It is available as a stand-alone service or can be seamlessly integrated with Blink Technology Solutions’ other hosted services, such as hosted desktops or virtual servers etc. to add additional levels of backup for which you can control the frequency.

Cloud backup features

Workstation Backup

Can be integrated to backup your desktop or laptop

Server Backup

Can be integrated to backup your Windows or Linux server, SQL and Exchange etc.

Client-based Management

Manage settings and configuration by installable client

Web-based User/Storage Management

Centralized management via a web interface

Elastic Storage on Demand

Increase or Decrease your storage and users when you need to Agents for MS SQL, Exchange; MySQL Server agents for extended backup options.