Hosted Exchange Services

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In the telecommunications industry, a hosted exchange refers to a service provided under lease by a provider to his customers in which he makes available email boxes and space on a server so the provider’s clients can host their data. The client’s hosted data, their emails; address book, task management software, documents and other data can then be accessed or routed to the customer’s computer or mobile phone through push technology.

Currently Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps are the most commonly used Hosted Exchange services, they provide a popular pay as you go service for handling business email, mobile services, storage and other assorted services. Both of these services are well known but they are by no means the only hosted exchange services available and many competing vendors have agreements with local ISP’s and other providers to promote their services.

What all of these services have in common is an ability to archive and store older messages and traffic, to back up and protect archives, databases, and software, to provide security against spam, hacking, DDoS attacks, functions such as search, indexing, data classification, import, and export.Many of the newer services being sold by Symantec or Microsoft are SaaS Cloud Computing applications that offer robust security and advanced storage options as well as many of the standard advantages offered by Cloud Computing applications.

1. The Benefits

​By far the best reasons to make use of a hosted exchange are as follows:

  • A wide selection of sophisticated messaging tools that provide access to email messages and other services over a wide variety of devices, networks and operating systems.
  • Allows instant access to databases, emails, messaging services, contacts & task managers.
  • Provides a very flexible service, is easily expanded, and has adequate archival and storage capabilities combined with a low overall cost and ease of use.
  • Protected by comprehensive SLA’s (Service Level Agreements).
  • A company can focus on their core business, knowing that their IT needs are in care.
  • A hosted exchange solution allows for planned upgrades to software.
  • It can free up space on employees computers, centralize email storage, support and other requirements on a secure hosted server.
  • It will have proper redundant systems, internet security and protection from loss due to system errors or crashes.

2. The Blink Technology Solutions Advantage

We are a market leader in providing hosted exchange services. With access to the latest technology and software packages from many of the leading vendors, our skilled technicians will use their IT experience and skills to assist you in creating a dedicated hosting environment or migrating your hosted exchange Service to new servers in as painless a manner as possible.

Regardless of whether you are a small, medium or large sized business, our highly skilled consultants and technicians will make use of industry best practices and proven technology to ensure that your service is optimized with the most secure and resilient configuration for your needs. This translates into one thing – your company’s needs will be evaluated and matched to a service that will suit your current requirements. We will also take into account your company’s future needs and improvements in hosted exchange services, technology and infrastructure. Our professional after-sales support team completes your package.